Corwin Family

The Corwins are Lebanon's first family. Ichabod was the town's first settler, his brother Matthias served as one of Warren County's first commissioners, and Matthias's son, Thomas, represented the area at the state and national levels of government.

Corwin family record

Warren County Historical Society

Detail of the Corwin family record

Origins of the name

The ancestors of Lebanon’s Corwins had long lived in Long Island, N.Y. before moving to New Jersey, then to Pennsylvania, then to Kentucky, and finally to Lebanon.

The first ancestor to arrive in the United States came from England around 1630, but the family roots are unclear before then. David Corwin, brother to Ichabod and Matthias and uncle to Thomas, claimed that his family was of Welsh origin, suggested by the fact that there is a town named Corwen in Wales. Thomas wrote that he possessed letters which connected the family to Hungary, also suggested by a similarity in the name Corwin and that of Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus.

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