Evalina Amelia Corwin

Evalina Corwin was born in Lebanon on July 14, 1831. She was the third child to future Ohio Gov. Thomas Corwin and his wife Sarah Ross Corwin. Her father would be sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives that December and had just given up his seat in the Ohio Legislature and the position of Warren County prosecutor.

At the time, the Corwin family rented a home on north Cherry Street in Lebanon. In 1833 Thomas would buy the home of brother-in-law, Phineas Ross, on West Main Street in a Sheriff’s Sale. He and his family would not occupy the home until after Phineas’s death in 1839.

Evalina was the middle child of five: Catherine (1827), William Henry (1829), Evalina, Maria Louisa (1834) and Caroline, “Carrie,” (1836).

On May 20, 1855, Evalina married George R. Sage in front of the mantel in the back parlor of the Corwin House on Main Street, the exact spot where her parents (in 1822) and her daughter Carrie (in 1883) would marry.

Sage was a classmate of Evalina’s brother, William, at Granville College (now Denison University). After graduation in 1849, Sage taught at the Lebanon Academy for one year and then entered the Cincinnati Law School. In 1857, he was in partnership with Thomas Corwin in Cincinnati. The following year the firm moved to Lebanon.

In 1860, Sage also was elected to the post of Warren County prosecutor, serving for six years. In 1883, President Chester Arthur appointed him U.S. District Judge.

Evalina and George had two children live to adulthood: Carrie, born June 23, 1856, and Corwin, born May 31, 1859.

Evalina was described as “a woman of exalted, noble character and unusually high and refined attainments and accomplishments.” In the early 1850s, while in Washington with her father, she was “a brilliant and very popular society leader.”

In 1884 she suffered a stroke. Another in 1887 left her an invalid. She died on August 20, 1898, four days before he husband 70th birthday. He passed away three months later.

Evalina Amelia Corwin